My website is an introduction to my work as a "WORDSMITH ARTIST".

Born in the sixties and growing up in the countryside, I saw many things and experienced lots. Nature was a constant companion and left a lasting impression on me.

School years were difficult years with many trials and when I left never looked back and was just glad to be able to move on. Work has been varied and interesting giving me many more experiences on which to draw on when writing poetry.

Started writing my poems many years ago now, but it took me some time before I decided to publish what I had written. I eventually published my first book, "MY LINES" in 2008 and this was followed by "PASSING THOUGHTS" in 2009. My third anthology was published in 2014 and is called "RHYTHM OF LIFE". This was followed in early 2017 by "STORYTELLER". In 2018 I published my next compilation "I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD AGAIN" This was followed in 2019 by "NEW DIMENSIONS" and my most recent compilation of poetry was published in 2021 and is called "WORDS OF EXPRESSION"

I continue to write, putting many on social media first, some of which will not be appearing in one of my compilations (at least for some time yet!)

I also published in early 2017 a short story in verse form called "WHEN AN ANGEL CALLS" What I term as a LOVE STORY with a difference, a pocket sized book, huge in emotion.

A recent project I did is called "A Deeper Understanding..." and is a  non poetry book about my experiences with bereavement.

I have also made available through my website a FREE PDF download book which contains a selection of poetry from my early books.



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